November 11, 2017

Boston Globe: Veterans honored at Puerto Rican memorial in Boston’s South End

City, state, and federal officials gathered Saturday to honor a community that has shouldered a heavy portion of the nation's military burden, as many of its members continue living without electricity, access to medical care, or the ability to earn an income.

About 100 people stood shivering in near-freezing temperatures at the unveiling of a plaque in Boston's South End honoring Purple Heart recipients at Puerto Rican Veterans Monument Square, where many speakers acknowledged the challenges facing residents of the US territory after it was hit by successive hurricanes nearly two months ago.

"Here, in front of this memorial, we recognize the tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans who have defended the United States in conflicts large and small throughout our country's history," said US Senator Elizabeth Warren, who told the crowd that her three brothers had served in the US military.

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