October 05, 2017

Boston Globe: Elizabeth Warren joins Republican to challenge Equifax contract with IRS

WASHINGTON - The bipartisan rage against Equifax continues, and now the IRS is caught in the crossfire.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, a liberal, and Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, a conservative, teamed up Wednesday night to write a letter challenging the Internal Revenue Service's decision to grant a $7.25 million contract to Equifax to help verify taxpayers' identities and prevent tax fraud.

The contract's awarding came just weeks after the credit reporting company disclosed a security breach that exposed more than 145 million Americans to identity theft.

"Rewarding a company that has exposed tens of millions of Americans' personal data to criminals with millions of dollars in taxpayer funds to verify and validate personal tax-related data is a confusing decision," the duo said in their letter to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. "Right now, no businesses or consumers in Massachusetts or Nebraska would blindly trust Equifax to protect against fraud or handle sensitive personal information."

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