March 24, 2016

The Patriot Ledger: Sen. Warren says Asian health care facility in Quincy is a 'jewel'

Kun Liu, 33, sat in the pediatric waiting room at the South Cove Community Health Center when a well-dressed woman with an entourage knelt down and playfully engaged his baby boy, Stanson, who was in a stroller.

Liu, a Quincy resident, was later informed that the woman he had just met was U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts, who on Thursday visited the South Cove medical facilities in North Quincy.
"I didn't know she was a senator before," Liu, a native of China, said.

Though he hadn't known what Warren looked like prior to their meeting, Liu said he had known her name because he recently took the U.S. citizenship test in which he had to list his elected representatives in Congress.
"That's why I knew her name. I have to," Liu said with a smile.

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