December 09, 2014

Politico: Elizabeth Warren: Put a Lock on Wall Street’s Revolving Door

DEC 9, 2014

Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday escalated her fight against President Barack Obama's choice of an investment banker to fill a key job at the Treasury Department, arguing that "enough is enough" when it comes to the revolving door between Washington and Wall Street.

The Massachusetts Democrat is using the president's choice of Lazard banker Antonio Weiss to be undersecretary for domestic finance to stir a debate within the Democratic party over whether it is too cozy with Wall Street, particularly when filling top finance jobs in government.

Speaking at the liberal Economic Policy Institute, Warren cast her opposition to Weiss as part of a bigger battle against the influence of the finance industry in Washington.

"Why does the revolving door matter?" she said. "Because it means that too much of the time, the wind blows from the same direction. Time after time in government, the Wall Street view prevails, and time after time, conflicting views are crowded out."

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