August 23, 2014

Gloucester Daily Times: Warren ties fish aid delays to gridlock

AUG 23, 2014

A total of $6.3 million in fishing aid is set to be disbursed directly to fishermen throughout the Commonwealth, including to 53 fishermen in Gloucester.

But U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren said Friday that the aid has been too long in coming - and there should be more of it.

"I understand that it is not as much money as it should've been and it did not come as fast as it should have," she told the 50 or more people gathered in The Gloucester House to hear and meet with her Friday afternoon.

In the wake of the aid being distributed, state Rep. Ann-Margaret Ferrante said she and Warren decided to hold joint "office hours" to discuss this issue as well as others in a public setting.

Warren touched on a variety of issues beyond fishing aid, including raising the minimum wage, lowering student loan interest rates, and the problems she perceives with how the government is functioning in general.

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