March 04, 2013

Somerville Patch: Sen. Warren Tours Union Square, Blames 'a Minority of the Minority' for Sequestration

"People are right to be afraid of sequestration," Warren said during a tour of Union Square led by Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren toured Somerville's Union Square Monday morning, and she spoke briefly about the "sequestration" deadlock in Washington, saying there's "a minority of the minority that says no way" to compromise, making progress on ending the deadlock difficult.

"People are right to be afraid of sequestration," Warren said. "It's a real problem because it's so mindless."

"There are many things we can do to get our house in order financially, and the president has put a very balanced approach on the table," the senator said.

Warren said, "What you've really got is a core group on the other side [of the political aisle] saying, 'none.' No matter what, we're not closing any corporate loopholes, we're not bringing another dollar into the federal government, and that hamstrings the whole discussion."

The senator received a tour of Union Square by Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone, who showed her the future site of the planned Green Line station and a number of parcels slated for redevelopment as part of the city's Union Square Revitalization Plan.

Accompanied by members of the Somerville Board of Aldermen and State Sen. Patricia Jehlen, Warren also dropped by a handful of businesses in the neighborhood to shake hands, culminating in a visit to Bloc 11 Cafe.