August 10, 2020

19th News: Democrats focus new legislation on the pandemic’s effect on maternal mortality

A new bill shared first with The 19th would emphasize issues like federal data collection and COVID-19 vaccine development in an effort to address the health of pregnant people.

The emerging evidence suggests pregnant people are at enhanced risk of complications from COVID-19. Now, a group of Democrats are trying to plug holes in how the government tracks the virus’ impact on pregnancy, put new resources into maternal health and ensure that pregnant individuals are ultimately eligible for any new treatments and vaccines, according to a bill shared first with The 19th.

The bill, unveiled Monday and spearheaded by Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Lauren Underwood, comes as health experts are sounding the alarm that COVID-19 could worsen the nation’s already devastating maternal mortality crisis.


Read the full article on The 19th website here.  

By:  Shefali Luthra
Source: 19th News